George Harrison - The Genius in the Galaxy of Guitarists

The ‘quiet’ Beatle from the Fab Four of Liverpool, George Harrison achieved international fame as the lead guitarist of the English rock band, The Beatles. A guitarist, singer-songwriter and producer, Harrison was a powerful & stylish instrumentalist. A nifty & versatile musician, George played 26 different musical instruments. Everyone is well aware that George was proficient in playing the guitar and the sitar, but he was also well accomplished on the conga drum, the African drum, the xylophone, violin, harmonica, marimba and glockenspiel.

Ranked No.12 at the Rolling Stone List of 100 Great Guitarists, he was well known for his immaculate & inventive style of playing the guitar. His guitar riffs were always precise, and had a beautiful vibrato to them. Harrison studied to be an aerodynamicist so it’s not very surprising that his muse came from the world of hard science. George also took his influences in a more imposing & organic way. His solo break in the song, ‘All My Loving’ is a sterling example of his ability. Although many of his contemporaries and subsequent generations of guitarists looked for 'flash' in their style of playing, George was always thoughtful and focused on melody.

George Harrison’s guitars are iconic & unforgettable in the history of popular music. He played a wide range classic guitars during the course of his career, popularizing some models so widely that he is inextricably & seamlessly linked with them. Most notably, he popularized the Rickenbacker 12-string, which promoted the use of a completely different type of sound.

Some of Harrison’s most celebrated Beatles-era axes—from the 12-string Rickenbacker to the Rosewood Telecaster are still immensely revered to this day. George Harrison's Maton Mastersound guitar, which was used during the Beatles' live performances in the summer of 1963, sold for $485,000 at Julien's Auctions a few years back.

Harrison bought a Stratocaster in 1965 and it underwent a trippy cosmetic makeover during Sgt. Pepper’s recording sessions. He painted the guitar in rainbow Day-Glo colors and named it ‘Rocky’. George’s psychedelic artwork inspired many other guitarists, including Eric Clapton and started a trend of guitarists painting their own instruments.

With a great sense of elegance in refinement & restraint in his guitar playing, as well as astounding musical creativity and solid songwriting, George Harrison was undoubtedly a talented musician & guitarist. His distinctly melodic style remains as adored & revered amidst hearts as ever.