David Gilmour - The Wizard With Electrifying String-Weaving Skills

David Gilmour is a guitarist, vocalist, and producer best known as one of the longtime members of the progressive rock band, Pink Floyd. Gilmour’s style is heavily influenced by blues phrasing, frequent application of sustained notes as well as deep pitch bends. He was a blazing, blues-based soloist in a band that hardly played the blues – his extensively elegant & relentlessly melodic solos were a declaration of his brilliance. That along with his pioneering use of echo and other effects – initially inspired by original Floyd guitarist Syd Barrett – propelled him to be ranked 14th in the Rolling Stone’s List of 100 Greatest Guitarists.  

His powerfully emotive & intense voice on the instrument drove him to the heights of rock guitar esteem early on in his career. As part of Pink Floyd, he crafted some of the most eminent & celebrated guitar solos ever etched into black vinyl—such as ‘Time’ from 1973’s epic album, ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’, or the seamlessly escalating & apocalyptic solos in ‘Comfortably Numb’ from 1979’s album, ‘The Wall’. Quite notably, his unforgettable & exhilarating guitar solo for ‘Another Brick In The Wall, Part 2’ was recorded in one take with no mixing or editing required later on.

During his prime, Gilmour mostly favored a black Stratocaster, which he had bought in New York in 1970. As a producer and songwriter with Pink Floyd, Gilmour was inspired by floating & dreamy textures but whenever he picked up his black Stratocaster to play a solo, a completely extraordinary & different sensibility overpowered him. He constantly modified & fiddled with the instrument to suit his own frequently evolving ideas & compositions. The guitar itself eventually gained much recognition in its own right and came to be known as ‘the Black Strat’.

Gilmour has always been a towering & overwhelming presence on stage with the guitar at hand. He made several remarkable & notable guest appearances over the years on stage and in the studio with artists such as Paul McCartney, Kate Bush & Pete Townshend. 

In addition to his exceptional work with Pink Floyd, David has worked as a producer for various artists and has enjoyed a successful career as a solo artist. Gilmour remains one of the world’s most respected and influential guitarists of all time, boosted by some electrifying guitar wizardry with his mesmerizing string-weaving.